Higher.... Emotions lol

Higher.... Emotions lol - student project

This was a fun little project. It was first time drawing the same character doing different emotions. I think the challenge is making the character look like herself in each sketch which didn't always work out.  Also keeping color consistency was a bit hard. I learned a lot and I think it's just a good idea to have reference photos to draw from, actually one can reference the emojis too--it just occurred to me. The more I drew, the more fluid it became and I think with more practice I can hone in the proportions. The emotions are: annoyed, surprised, pout, devastated, shy. I did do some more  emotions without realizing that I only needed 6.   I couldn't get disgusted right. I feel like I needed more facial lines but that just made her look old, the blue hair wasn't helping.  See below:Higher.... Emotions lol - image 1 - student projectHigher.... Emotions lol - image 2 - student projectHigher.... Emotions lol - image 3 - student projectHigher.... Emotions lol - image 4 - student project


Higher.... Emotions lol - image 5 - student project