High grounds..

High grounds.. - student project

Great class Jean! Loving learning from you.

This was my first try! I wasn´t planning to share it but, that way I am able to share my evolution and get more feedback and inspire other students to do the same ;)

I liked the texture from the plastic, but remembered that if the color seems correct its wrong.It got much lighter after dry. 

It was made in a hurry! I got just a few minutes before some appointments but was very excited about trying out the technique.

I made some mistakes with the trees and my brush didn´t give a good texture for the bush. The bush became giant after me trying to get the texture I wanted. Should have waited and come back to paint the trees other time.

So... here is it for now, will try again this weekend! After all I am happy with this first result!

High grounds.. - image 1 - student project

Fernando D'Agosto Toledo

The beauty and elegance of simplicity