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High Tech meets Nature's Abominations

One of my biggest problems is I'm a fan of too many things, so I can't focus on one thing at a time. This is also pretty good timing to have a project practicing juxtoposition to come along and ask me to pair random things together.

So, I've found photos of some of my favorite things in high-tech design that highlight some of the more beautiful things man has created and paired them up with some nightmare creatures that are some of the ugliest things man has seen.

DragonBall Z: The high tech scouters always came across as a pretty cool gadget and very advanced alien technology and pretty much lead the way for Google Glass I guess.

Iron Man: Tony Stark's in-helmet technology is above and beyond amazing visually and the voice command functionality is too sweeeeeeeet.

Gundamn: The giant mech suits and high-tech weaponry is flashy and has the same aesthetic I like in futuristic style.

Voltron:  Voltron goes hand-in-hand with how sweet a giant, sword-wielding, robot can be and shares a lot of the same characteristics as Gundam has. Added bonus that it's multiple robots joined as 1!

Robocop: Maybe not so much flash here as the others have, but the idea is right on with what I wanted to add to the project with futuristic tech.

Man-Bat: One of my least loved Batman characters, but I love abominations and freaks. Man-Bat definitely falls into the likes of Werewolves and other nightmare creatures you don't want to run into.

Werewolves: Walk around all day looking like a human, acting like a human, but at night under a full moon the only thing stopping these hounds is a silver bullet.

Creature from the Black Lagoon: Green, gills, webbed hands and feet...talk about the ugliest thing this side of the Mississippi. Definitely fits the mold of ugly nigthmare creatures.

Swamp Thing: Just about as loveable as the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Ugly creature with plants growing on his body because he's so gross.

Toxic Avenger: Yet another creepy looking weirdo that you wouldn't want to be within a football field's distance of.


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