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Joshua & John Okungbaiye

Co-Founders of High Spirit Bags Ltd



High Spirit Bags Ltd

What is High Spirit Bags Ltd?

‘Life is not about the destination. It’s about the journey. It's also about being in the moment and enjoying every waking moment of your Life.’ – High Spirit Bags Ltd 

My brother and I were brought up in inner city London and we have always wanted to run our own international brand. High Spirit Bags Ltd was founded in 2013, by me (Joshua, 25) and my brother John Okungbaiye 23 after a trip to New York.

We create backpacks with unique zipping designs in order to protect your possessions from theft and loss, particularly during travel (domestically or internationally).

We have a classics range and an exclusive range.

Our Story

Whilst on our trip to New York, people kept warning us of pickpockets and this made us very paranoid and worried about the safety of our possessions. However, this inspired us to create a bag with a patented unique zipping design that prevents loss and theft, particularly in busy areas.

The High Spirit Backpack

We believe in creating stylish backpacks that solve everyday problems while travelling.

Our goal is to continuously create unique and functional backpacks that enable you to stay stylishly secure in your travels.

The patented design protects the users possessions from theft and loss in a simplistic way, whilst remaining stylish. All our bags are hand-finished in London. We launched our website www.highspiritbags.com a few weeks ago and the response has been positive. However, we wish to take things further and continue to grow and create awareness internationally.

The image on the left is the problem and the image on the right is the solution. 

Classics Range

Exclusive Range

The journey has only begun…

We have been fortunate to receive a lot of positive attention from people in London. We are also very humbled that Richard Branson, the Founder of Virgin Group is also a brand ambassador for High Spirit. To be honest, it was a very surreal experience because we are just two regular guys from London chasing our dreams.

America is very close to our hearts because the inspiration and idea itself came to us in New York. We also see this, as the perfect opportunity to take the brand back home and receive further mentoring that will enable us to reach people worldwide. 

Thanks so much for your support. It really keeps us going. :-)


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