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High School T-Rex

My three Ideas... 

1. Lost in Minnesota

My family had taken a family trip to Minnesota one summer, and on the first day that we got there (I was 12 and  my little sister was 10) we decided to go exploring around the cabin that my family was staying in.  Since my mother was already watching my little brothers and several of my cousins, and since my sister and I were normally very well behaved and level headed about making decisions, my mother let us go out.  We started down the path, and then we imediately decided that it would be a good idea to break out into the woods and go from there.  Several beaten paths and crawl spaces later, we came out on a road.  We walked down that road for a while before we realized (In a very scary moment) that we had no idea where we were, or how to get back to the cabin.   At that point we'd only been out for an hour, but we in our panic it seemed like longer.  A woman standing in her own yard saw us looking worried, and we asked her where we were... she was very nice, but she couldn't help us because we didn't even know what street the cabin our family was renting was on.  She tried to give us some grape sodas, but we didn't want to take them because we knew we weren't supposed to take food or drinks from strangers, and the rule was absolute.  She basically forced them on us, telling us what kinds of things were in each direction down the road.  We said thank you for the sodas, and then she went back into her house.  I made my little sister put the sodas in the woman's mailbox and then we traveled down the road in a direction we thought was likely.  Turns out, in the end, that we weren't all that lost after all, and we were already on the right street for our cabin, having walked a big circle when we were in the woods.  

2. Locked out of the House in a snow storm in Maine

When I was 23 years old, I was living alone in a three story house in Maine, and while living there during the winter, I learned a few things about handling the winter snow load that happens there.  One morning, after a particularly bad snow storm the night before, I went to open the door, and discovered that a ridiculous amount of snow had blown up the hill off of the frozen lake behind my house and onto the side of the house.  While I could open the door itself, the screen door on the outside had so much snow piled up against it that there was no way I could even see through it.  I got this brilliant idea that I would go up to the second floor, climb out of a window onto the roof of the porch and then jump into the snow on the front side of the house and wade my way around to the side door and dig it out from there. I didn't think this was a stupid idea because I could see out the windows at the front of the house, and I figured it wouldn't be that high.  Once I leapt off the roof though, I found that I had misjudged the height and I was now up to my chest in snow.   It took me a while to work my way onto the top of the snow and wiggle my way the 30 feet to the door that had all the snow on it.  It took me even longer to dig the door free of snow load so that I could open it.  The end of this story is that I had become so adept at locking doors out of habit when I was in the house, that I hadn't even realized that I had locked the door before leaping out off of the porch.  I ended up going into the house through a kitchen window.

3. High School T-rex

When I was in high school, I was one of those kids who couldn't not come up with wild stories.  One day, I was going into English class, and I was running about five minutes late because I had been goofing off before the bell rang.  When I got there, the teacher asked me if I had a good reason for not being in class on time like everyone else.  That was all the prompting I needed to start rattling off this whole story about how I was just walking by the library, minding my own business, when all of a sudden a T-Rex came up to me and asked me where he might be able to find the library.  In my story, the T-rex didn't understand me very well, and so he didn't understand my directions.  He demanded that I take him there myself, and I tried to tell him no, that I needed to be in english class right at that very second, but he didn't care.  So, the library being all the way on the other side of the building, it took me twice as long to get him there, simply because he was so large that he didn't fit through any doorways that weren't double.  So finally I got there and he needed help getting the book because it was on the bottom shelf, and then he needed help checking the book out and putting it in his back pack... and then he finally waved me goodbye and went on his merry way.  That's when I was finally able to make it to class.  I distinctly remember the teacher giving me an exasperated look, shaking her head and then telling me that I could take my seat.  I also remember that I didn't ger cited as late that day.

I'm really leanging heavily towards the last one (High School T-Rex) 

I think that it has the best mix of comedy and compelling interest for a quick little story.   I also like the character flaw in my teenage self, where I wasn't afraid to tell a bold faced, obvious lie to a teacher just to throw them off guard.  I also think that drawing a T-Rex will give me some really interesting Deep Space angles, in contrast with some flat space at the begining and end before the "story within the story" actually starts.  The first story about getting lost in Minnesota is simple and heartfelt, but I don't know that it has much dynamic happening... and the second one about the snow seems to me to be something that would be difficult to draw with most of the background being snow...  


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