High Five Threads

High Five Threads - student project

Hey Guys,

My name is Lance Hill and I am a graphic designer located in the beautiful town of Traverse City, Michigan. Along with a close friend of mine, I own the t-shirt brand High Five Threads. H5T is a Michigan centric lifestyle brand.

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High Five Threads - image 4 - student project

So far, our t-shirt designs have been very simplistic and focused mainly just on our trademarked logo. Through the inspiration I've received from the Johnny Cupcakes brand and Chris, I'd really like to see our brand move a little more into the graphic tee sphere with some more artistic designs so-to-say.

Going along with our "hand" theme, my t-shirt concept is a "Hand-Made" graphic tee design. I'm still working on the concepts that this is going to be, but I believe this is going to be the next step in evolution for our brand.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this project and I look forward to the rest of the class!

Lance Hill

Head T-Shirt Folder at High Five Threads