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Hide and Seek

Step 1: Concept / Sketches

Brainstormed some ideas for both words. I liked my ideas for quiet better so I sketched out some rough layout ideas before I finally settled on one.

Usually when you think of "quiet" its peaceful and calm but it can also be very unsettling. I wanted to explore the darker side of silence if you will. So I chose to illustrate that moment in horror movies when someone is hiding, trying not to breathe too loud while the killer searches for them.

I chose Michael Myers because of his methodical sneakiness. I wanted to use shadows and lots of contrast to set the mood. I really wanted to take advantage of the intimidating silhouetted figure type shots they use in the movies. 

This is a first draft of how I wanted to frame the illustration.

I like this one because it would allow me to put more detail in his mask (which I found out while working on this project is just a modified Captain Kirk mask, yes thats right, Wiliam Shatner's face is Michaels mask...) so I framed it closer than the other one and had his victim hiding behind the door.

I wanted to make better use of his shadow so I drew a different set up.

I think the layout of this one is much more interesting than the other one. So the next step is to start setting up guides to get the perspective right and then drawing the desk and doorway before I start on the figures.

Step 2: Color / Digitization

So I decided on a color palette. Since this is intentionally ment to be a dark illustration it was tough to find a balance between light and dark colors. Went with navy blue and orange as my primary colors (besides black) because of Michaels cover-alls and the pumpkin imagery used in the movie posters.

Here is my current progress after digitizing the essential shapes.

Step 3: Textures & Finishing Touches

After messing around with illustration in photoshop I came up with this.

I'm not sure what else, if anything, I need to add at this point.

Critiques welcomed.


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