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Hidden Within - my mind monsters.

Some blots to get started with.  I did the blots last night, woke up to snow this morning.  Plenty of monsters lurking outside on a day like today.  I decided to start with the sadly All Too Common "Get the .... up Crow Bird" since this creature is probably all too familiar too many.

A little pencil work to get me started and then I added some color:

And finally more ink just to define the details...

Unfortunately it is just impossible to ignore this guy.

Ink blot monsters are sort of addictive... and once I had my materials ready - 

there seemed no reason not to do another.  Especially as over the weekend I knew I would be confronted with the fearsome Trophy Hunting Shopping Spider.

Here she is in her first incarnation:

A little color was obviously called for and of course it has to be pink.

Note the pink soles on her shoes - tres chic and the multiple mouths.  Her handbag rests on bone stands to prevent it getting in the least bit dirty as she saunters forth.

Adding some ink enables her to take the requisite selfie as she stalks the streets.

I felt she needed an extra pair of eyes in case she missed anything valuable and additional mouths so that she could talk to several people at once.  She also travels with her own web  - very useful for connecting to the internet.

Cleaned up the pencil lines, added some graphite to round her out and here she is.  All set to gobble you up should you get to that marked down, juicy sale item before she does....


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