Hidden Path

Hidden Path - student project

So, I am a novice to digital painting and it took me the entire Easter break to do this. I'm exhausted but relatively pleased with the outcome.

I really have to work on that shapes technique, it wasn't working for me at all unless I had underlying photo texture to give me some idea of where shapes should go.

I also ran into problems with the edges of things and I can't see those issues arising in any of the tutorials, so I may have to watch again and see if I can figure out how/where I went wrong.

Already I can see things that could/should have been done differently, so I guess that's good because maybe the next one will be better!

Thanks for these lessons Hardy, I am enchanted by the idea of concept environments and creatures as Sci-Fi Fantasy is my favourite genre of books and movies.



Hidden Path - image 1 - student project


Hidden Path - image 2 - student project



Hidden Path - image 3 - student project


Hidden Path - image 4 - student project


Hidden Path - image 5 - student project

Constructive critique is welcome...