Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem - student project

I'm trying to follow along with the classes. The prompt I take is a combination of waterfall and magical mood. So here's my progress so far :)


Hidden Gem - image 1 - student projectp.s. wait, we can add characters in landscape painting, right?


I can't decide which one to choose...

Hidden Gem - image 2 - student project

 Decided to give this piece a try... I tried to balance the scene by using rule of thirds but I guess I still need more practice :D

Hidden Gem - image 3 - student project

And here's the rough colors:

Hidden Gem - image 4 - student project

Gonna continue this piece tomorrow!!! (or maybe on the weekend :D)


I can’t wait till the weekend, so I stayed up late to finish this

and here’s the final piece:

Hidden Gem - image 5 - student project

I’m satisfied with the overall result, but I am still confused about how to draw the main light source cause the sun looks awkward in a darker shade, but it’s too flat in a lighter color. Maybe if someone out there has tips on that, I would like to hear it.


I want to add more highlight on the grass, but I still can’t do it nicely so I delete the layers


please feel free to comment if you have any suggestion to improve my illustration, that would be great



I used to sketch on a big canvas so I tend to spend much more time finishing just one sketch. Thanks so much, Sarah, I get to know that I can sketch in a smaller thumbnail not only it could be finished in less time, I also managed to have more flexibility and composition options. I really enjoyed this class!


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23 June 2021





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