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Hiber nation

There once was a bear cub preparing for his first hibernation. His mother had taught him that he had to eat a lot of food before he was ready to hibernate so that his belly wouldn't wake him up too early. She showed him what kinds of food would be good for him to eat including plants, berries, bugs, and rodents. The bear cub was happy to be able to eat so much. He especially liked finding beehives that he could lick the honey out of!

One day the bear cub was off by himself foraging for plants and berries while his mother napped. In the distance he heard a great tree fall to the ground. Normally his mother warned him against wandering too far. She would say "Wander too far, and you’ll lose where you are...”  The cub couldn’t remember the rest of that saying, but he thought a fallen tree would give him a chance to find lots of bugs and other goodies, so this would be a good reason to wander for at least a little bit.

As the cub got closer to the fallen tree he heard something else. His mother had warned him that they were not alone in the forest and that one kind of creature, his mother called them “men,” was especially dangerous.  She had told him that these “men” were trying to take away their home and that they might even try to take them away.  She always liked to say “If you follow the men, you wont see the den, ever ever again.”  Even knowing this, the bear cub continued closer to the tree, close enough to hear the buzzing of a fallen beehive.  Excited at the idea of filling his belly with honey, the cub sauntered up to the fallen tree to look for the beehive.

As the bear cub sniffed around, he was reminded of another warning from his mother.  He could almost hear his mother as if she were standing next to him saying, “Shut your maw, save your paw.”  He wasn't as sure about the meaning of this saying, but he didn't feel like he was in danger, so he searched on for his meal.

The bear cub found the beehive and happily started lapping away at the sweet insides.  As he licked away, he heard the wind whistling behind him in the trees. When he looked back, however, he saw that it wasn’t the wind at all, but a man! The man was coming slowly towards him, and the bear cub froze in fear. The cub started to think he might never see his mother again, when all of a sudden she appeared in front of him, roaring at the man.  The man was clearly terrified of his mother, who was twice the man’s size. The man turned back and ran through the woods as fast as he could, and the bear cub finally took a breath.

As the mother bear took the cub in her arms she said, “Wander too far, and you’ll lose where you are, but I'll always be there to find you.”


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