Hi Kari - & Fellow Classmates (>‿◠)✌

Hi Kari - & Fellow Classmates (>‿◠)✌ - student project

Hi all, I'm Mel...nice to meet ya!

I started off coming to Skillshare planning on just doing cooking and kitchen-related courses, then came up with SOOOOO many more ideas. I am still doing the original plan, but have also added a marketing series that is in progress, based on my SEO background, that can help drive traffic to both Skillshare courses as well as other online projects. The second one of that was the different ways to use Quora for marketing, and I was glad to see you had mentioned it in market research here - it really is an amazing resource for so many reasons. The caveat is that, like Facebook, it is SO easy to lose track of time there. I also recently started a Facebook group, called

I also recently started a Facebook group, called Teach What You Love. My reason for starting it is that I was researching various groups for another course in the series, and I noticed a trend in many that when anyone asks for a legitimate way to make money online, they are bombarded with scams, MLM, and the like. I figured it would be nice to show them there really IS another way. 

Today, I finalized my holiday course list, and am really looking forward to getting started on that! I have 12 planned for Halloween alone, and know that there will be many more for the upcoming holidays as well. I initially was planning on doing all of this on Udemy, but I am LOVING the interaction and mutual support from all of the teachers and students here on Skillshare - it really is an awesome community!

I'm happy to meet another like-minded teacher and look forward to interacting more with you!


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