Hi Christine! DONE! YEAH!

Final stage: Shipped!

I'm quite disappointed with my letter. I didn't have any more paper on me and had to edit out parts of what I'd written because, turns out, that I could not send the sweets I wanted unless I paid 10 times the normal letter fee. Seriously. So, my letter sucks, but the envelope is still pretty cool, if I can say so myself, and at least the postcards I could send. I have only one lame cellphone picture of the letter + contents, but half the contens didn't make it for the aforementioned reasons, hence, the pic did not make it here either. 

Still, it's shipped! Christine will get something nice in the mail.

Stage five: Final touches and mailing

I just added my address in the back and bought some little treats for Christine. I though about sending coffee, but the package would destroy my envelope. I'm sending a few sweets and a couple postcards instead.

I have also written a letter. I found out I had some amazing vintage stationary from hotels around the world. It would have been great for inspiration, had I found it before. I might still post some pictures of it though, might help someone else. Anyway, I took  sheet from a NY hotel and I'm using it for her letter. It's still in pencil, so I'll ink it up put it in the envelope and I'll probably have it mailed tommorrow! Yay!

Unfortunatly I'm in my college right now, and do not have acess to a camera as I forgot my phone at home. I might post pictures later on today, or tommorrow at latest. It's almost coming Christine! Just a little bit longer!

Stage four: Put it in an evelope

My diagram just happened to be the exact same size of the envelope I'd be messing with, so I just copied the diagram's grids to the envelope and kind of eyeballed things to repeat them on the envelope. I used a pencil with a very light hand as to not make marks on it.

I was lucky enough to get an envelope that was not yellow, but craft paper. It was actually the only one they had, which meant I couldn't get a bigger size, but at least it wasn't yellow.

My markers would have looked horrendous on yellow paper, but there's practically nothing that looks bad on craft paper, so I was free to use my markers. Yay! I also used colores pencils, and I really like how it turned out, specially the white pencil, it really popped against the brown of the paper.

I'll stop stalling now, as I know if you came here, you just want to see the dear envelope, so here it is:

I really liked the results, even though my envelope doesn't seem to be very photogenic. Now all I need is a letter, and maybe some small trinkets, and then I can mail it! :D

Stage Three: A couple more sketches, and final diagram

So, I have to admit that I'm quite hasty and don't always follow a linear process, which is why I had started sketching right after seeing inspiration. However, I have now seen the videos where he recommends practicing, so I did just that. This is just one of the pages, and I picked this because the top alphabet actually ended up being used in the project.

Then I started making adjustments in my diagramation, and it ended up like this:

Top-right corner is the space I left for stamps, since I was advised to do so in the post office. It has some grids, like recommended, and rightfully so, they were really helpful. The arrow was inspired by this beautiful retro sign I've seen on pinterest:

Btw, "para" is "to" in portuguese. :)

Stage Two: Why paintbrushes hate me

I've seen everyone's colorful inspirations and I got a little jealous. All my project had was a B&W pencil sketch. Not all that atractive. So I decided to play with some paint today and see what I could come up with that would actually be useful to the project. You see videos of people writing with their paintbrushes all the time, it can't be THAT hard, right? Right? Wrong.The name of the piece above presented is "Disaster". It was made with gouache, watercolors and, why not, some chalk. I don't think I need to explain why I switched to markers and colored pencils.My scanner murdered my sketch's colors, but it's okay, I guess, as I was more testing colors than anything else. If you don't understand my notes, don't worry, neither of us is crazy, that's portuguese. I'm brazilian!

Anyway, I was trying to see what worked better over a layer of white guache. Envelopes are usually yellow, and out of all my paints and markers only the guache is opaque enough not to look weird, but I think it's quite clear I'm not using the guache, so...  I tried some colored pencils, some markers and some nankin that was laying around.

For some reason the markers keep going sort of pastel once dry, but turns out a second coat helps a lot. I also like the texture the base coat gives with them, although it doesn't really show in here. I think I'll be using the markers and the colored pencils, so I can have precision and color.

Also, I added the missing "h" on Christine's name! And I found out that I was forgetting to add the destination country, important, since it is internacional mail. I guess I'll have to pay a visit to the post office before making my final layout...

Stage One: Scribbling around

So, this envelope is for Christine, whom I've never met. I got her name on the shared google doc of people from this class who want to exchange these letters. I'm not sure if it's okay for me to be showing her full name and adress here, so Christine, if you stop by here and don't feel comfortable with it, just tell me and I will blank some parts out, ok?

Anyway, here is my sketch:It's still quite wonky, since I didn't use any guidelines or anything, and positioning has to be tweaked a little.

The "oceanside" is supposed to be pearls and the dot is a bubble, but it's quite cliché and obvious and I'm not sure if I'm happy with it. 

The ave is awkward, but I still don't know what to do with it. Anyway, this is my first sketch. Hope you like it, specially Christine.


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