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Hey temp!


This is my first attempt at visual design of ios app. My view of the weather temp is of an organic conversation about weather and not being extremely data centric. Keeping it playful, usable and appropriately informative. 

Aprroach= " Hey Temp! Whats the weather like in the village" 

Uploading  hi level wireframes of the screen

Approach - casual way of teeling weather with little interesting animations of things that are affected by weather like a little moving windmill when it is rainy or a turned over umbrella when it is raining heavily. Keeping it subtle and simple.  

Interaction - Swipe , Scroll or Tap 

Information-  I want to keep the information simple for day to day use (just the amount which will be helpful) May be this narrows the app target users but I want to keep just what I think will suffice. Nothing more or less

View 1: Scroll or tap on the icons to get a summary of the weather. Else just looking at the icon  set you can tell what the day looks like

View 2: Horizontal swipe (Left - Right) will take user to detailed weather of the day. Swiping (Right - Left) shows weather of coming week briefly. Idea is that user only sees details if he wants to. Else keep it simple silly. :)

View 3: User can tap on the place name and change the location. 

Version 2 


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