Hey girl

Hey girl - student project

Fixed the "i" angle and uploaded it. All done.


Thanks for the class Neil.

Crit'ed and updated based on input. Much better, but is it good? I can't tell.

Hey girl - image 1 - student project

Hey girl - image 2 - student project

Updated with flourishes. I don't understand flourishes...

Hey girl - image 3 - student project

Here it is in use.

Hey girl - image 4 - student project

Updated to the digital version now. First draft. Still need to clean up some stray lines here and there, adjust the stroke weights to be more consistant, a bunch of other stuff I am not seeing also... I am going to add some flourishes on seconday versions.

Hey girl - image 5 - student project

Hey girl,

Sometimes lettering works better.


Hey girl,

Sometimes lettering just works better than type.

Hey girl - image 6 - student project

Hey girl - image 7 - student project