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Megan Christmas

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Hey Sass Master: Denim Girl Gang Jacket DIY

Project Overview:

First off, this class if for any gender. The girl gang bit refers to the trend in sassy, artsy jackets made in the growing girl gang movement.

This class is for denim jackets as they are the cheapest to procure and easiest to work with. It will be an introductory course with inexpensive, easy to replicate classes: no silkscreens, button makers, sewing machines, or massive belach/dye reworks required. (if it is successful, I can move into more technical aspects of jacket making).

Class Topics (in progess):


  • History of the Girl Gang Jacket
  • Why denim & where to find it


  • Choosing a theme or girl gang name
  • Basic logo design

The Back Patch

  • overview: 5 types of back patches
  • 1) Spray Painted Fabric Patch
  • 2) Iron Transfer Logo
  • 3) Found Item Logo
  • 4) Hand Sewn Letters
  • 5) Embroidered Logo
  • 6) Painted Logo


  • overview: 5 basic types of pins
  • 1) cardboard back stickers
  • 2) wood badge decopage/collage
  • 3) button maker & hacks
  • 4) bottle caps
  • 5) found objects


  • overview: types of patches
  • hand embroidered patches
  • iron transfer patches
  • found object patches
  • professional grade patches

Putting it all together/Finishing Touches

  • layout
  • sewing techniques
  • tell me about it: studs
  • Safety pins from punk to pretty
  • basic paint/bleach

Building a community:

  • patch/pin selling & trading


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