Michelle Auriana Simmons

Teacher, Baker, Yummy Dessert Maker



Hey Puddin'!: Learn How to Make Southern Bread Pudding in 30 Minutes

Hey y'all! My name is Michelle and I'm gonna show YOU how quick and easy it is to make a delicious bread pudding.

We'll begin by learning the history of this simple dessert and then move to the various components that make this dish easy enough to bake and turn into your personal creation. The making of bread pudding is like creating a work of art, such as a beautiful painting/ The bread, eggs and milk are like the canvas, they serve as the foundation and all the other ingredients, be they raisins and cinnamon or, gruyere cheese and bacon, serve as the lovely palette of paints.

You will have fun creating projects that reflect your favorite flavors and even your own heritage. Join me as we take a stroll through the South by way of the old Europe and let our imaginations lead the way to the most amazing and unique bread recipes ever!


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