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Hey Neighbour! - student project

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I'm going to make a little visiting card called "Hey Neighbour!" (I'm Canadian and that's how I spell it).

What's the point? This is a little initiative to help people talk to and do nice things for their neighbours. City's are safer and more cutlurally vibrant when you are aquainted with your neighbour.

I'm not saying you have to be best friends with your Neighour -- but this little card I'm making will provide you with an easy way to say hello.

I will be printing these cards on an old platen press, and giving out bundles of them to random strangers so that they, in turn, can say "Hey Neighbour!" to their neighbour in a friendly and un-awkward way.

NOTE: In the context of this course, I would like to consider the finished piece a label for a non-commercial product, and it should use the same tools (type, hierarchy, colour, effeciency of message, etc) as a label for a bar of soup or bottle of wine. It is to persuade people to share, rather than to buy.

More to come!

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Hey Neighbour! - image 1 - student project

I've been trying to figure out the overall specs for this. To start with, it will be 2 colours (as the final product is hand-printed on the platen press, and I only want to pay for 2 dies (plates), and only have to fuss with registration of 2 colours).

Hey Neighbour! - image 2 - student project

Above, from top to bottom:

1. A script style from Steve Heller and Louise Filli's excellent book, "Scripts"

2. Typographic stars, or cuts. I would like to incorporate a star because it's celebratory, although I don't quite like the styles shown.

3. I would like to incorporate drawings of 2 lawn chairs, as nothing says neighbourly good times like drinking cheap beer in an inexpensive globally fabricated folding lawn chair.

4. First thumbnail. Top script and bottom portion will be in the dark colour, whiile the center bit will be in a brighter colour and will include the lawnchairs and the star.

I'm not quite sure how I'll incorporate "Nice to meet you" yet.

I want the top part, that reads "Hey Neighbour" to be very swashy. Like a cloud. So I've been looking at Tony Di Spigna (below, top image) and Doyald Young (below, bottom image). Good swashes are hard!

Hey Neighbour! - image 3 - student project

Here's an inked sketch of the top part of my label. This would be considered the logo:

Hey Neighbour! - image 4 - student project

It's rather wobbly, and too dark in the "our" part. Onward!


15 May 2013
OK, I didn't like the letterspacing and irregular x-height of that last sketch. So I took it to illustrator to try it out just as a monoline script. I think once I get the spacing right, then I can bring it back out to the real world and redraw it.

However, I should go back to sketching the overall composition before I go too much further!

Hey Neighbour! - image 5 - student project


18 May 2013

OK, so I scrapped most of the above and went back to doing thumbnails to figure out the right direction. I'll post thumbs tomorrow, but meanwhile I've re-drawn the word "neighbour," and -- at this point anyway -- I think it has the flavour I'm after.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Hey Neighbour! - image 6 - student project

Todd Macfie

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