Hey! Let's Fight! An Organizational Service



Working under the moniker Hey! Let’s Fight! Shanna Matuszak provides a new way of aiding busy, creative professionals achieve their goals. She does this by providing meticulous calendar management and structuring individual organization plans for each of her clients at a flat monthly fee. It’s better than doing all of the boring stuff yourself or relying on some impersonal app because you’ll have access to a real, live human being! You’ll love Hey! Let’s Fight! It’s structured plan is designed to fit your needs and not the other way around.

So, stop sacrificing time dealing with boring calendars, due dates, or scheduling and hire a fierce Calendar Crusader to help manage your professional life!

How It Works

By working closely with clients to ensure optimum calendar management, scheduling, and providing reminders Hey! Let’s Fight! Is the ultimate organization tool! Each plan is structured based on the needs of the individual and, in addition to calendar management, can include:

Weekly Emails Outlining the Upcoming Week

Bi-monthly Meetings (Skype or in person)

Feedback on Creative Works

Copy Editing

If you're ready to find of how Hey! Let’s Fight! Can work for you, email Shanna at the link below and begin your Organizational Odyssey!


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