Hey Instigator! Logo

Myself and my husband (a very talented writer) recently launched new lettering biz together. Basically it's Hand-lettered Kicks In The Ass.

Our biz is called Hey Instigator!

The seed of Hey Instigator! was planted during our experiences wading neck deep through the creative hustle. HI! is all about making art and kicking asses in the name of people who stir shit up and make this planet a better place in the process.

So we needed a logo. Of course, a hand lettered logo. I had been working in Photoshop mostly with lettering projects and wanted learn more about utilizing Illustrator for this as well.

The final logo. I dropped the solid bar/underline at the bottom. Wasn't really working for me and seemed to bulky.


I used the original "H" and one of the "I's" and the "!" to create a little icon/profile image for our socials - instagram, twitter, etc.


Here's the final inked piece:


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