Hey, Im Callum Cussen a Graphic Designer.

Hey, Im Callum Cussen a Graphic Designer. - student project


My name is Callum Cussen, and i'm a Graphic Designer with a love of creating a experience though design.

I'm a down to earth guy who loves the small things in life. I spent many years racing mountain bikes and touring around Europe, which introduced me to graphic design through biking magazines and clothing. Then I began my obsession with Dirt Mountain Bike Magazine, I was amazed with the visuals on the front covers and knew straight away that I wanted to start creating images like the ones in the magazine to inspire other people. 

After I graduated from University, I started my graphic design journey at a children’s magazine company, DJ Murphy and worked on; PONY, Zelfs, Shopkins, Strange Hill High, Trashpack, Animagic and Horse and Rider. This led to new skills creating different layouts and adapting to different markets. 

Currently I am living in Hindhead, England and working for Omega Partnership, expanding my knowledge and skills; designing brochures and branding, logo design and producing art work. 

Recently i have started to focus on looking for more freelancing work to expand my skills and create relationships with new people. I am driven on progression.

My Mission:

To create artwork that will create an emotion or an experience to inspire.

My work

I invite you to take a look at my work at:

My Portfolio site:


Hey, Im Callum Cussen a Graphic Designer. - image 1 - student project

My favorite project so far:

Hey, Im Callum Cussen a Graphic Designer. - image 2 - student project

This was a personal project which I created when I was learning a new skill. I am normally attracted to editorial design with a word becoming an image, I look to create more work like what I am inspired by. however so far this is my favorite project because I connected these flowers to the initials of somebody very close to myself. Which created a emotion to the work. It encourages and inspires myself to make more work like the above.

I'm currently updating my portfolio website, and any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you! 

Callum Cussen

Callum Cussen

Graphic Designer