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Hey Brother - Avicii

I couldn't pass up the Two Week Inspiration Challenge Session so I hope ya'll enjoy! 

Hey Brother by Avicii is the song that influenced my project. This song is about being there for each other, perseverance over difficulties, and discovering what life is all about. September is always a tough month to get through for so many people across the nation who has been effected by 9/11. This is my story.


Action Shot

I was about the age of these boys on September 11th, 2001. The age before individualism takes over. Their innocence and bond for each other shown simply by twins dressing like twins. I remember the care free feeling of playing at recess like nothing else in the world was going on, I can only imagine that's what they felt in this moment. A lack of understanding is what I experienced when I heard the news of the tragedy but soon I would begin to realize the enormity of it all. I didn't lose anyone in the attacks, but I lost a little bit of myself. I could no longer be a child; I had to grow up... I had to be vigilant.



Vanishing Point

I don't remember having much interest in the Twin Towers as a kid. I was more drawn to the ever changing colors on the Empire State Building. Looking back in hindsight I was such a young artist, always wanting to use colored markers to take notes or eating lunch in the art room. Over time I began to appreciate the absence of color. White could be so beautiful even though it was nothing. Every time I come here it feels like I'm in a graveyard, but one with beautiful bones. A feeling of awe and reflection.



Candid Portrait

This is a rare glimpse into the life of the people who rebuild our city from the bottom up. Even now as an adult, it still amazes me how much work goes into the development of the structures we walk by each day. Numb to the pain and dedication of those constantly working below our feet.



Framed Image

Frames are for memories. They are for things that are special or for something to be remembered.

Never forget 9/11.

"Oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do."



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I love getting feedback, but more importantly feedback that gives me insight to how I connected with the viewer. It helps me understand an audience and I think that's really vital for future success.

If anyone in NYC ever wants to just go shoot or collab, let's get in touch! 


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