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Hexvessel -> pagan folk ritual

#1, je commence, I start, ik start

Hi there!

I'm realy fond of the band 'hexvessel'. They make semi-dark nature-inspired folk (metal) with a whole lot of atmosphere. It is one of the bands that spends a lot of time and resources to make it, aside from sounding good, look good.

As I see a lot of art popping up on their facebook page I deceided to take this band as my subject.
In order to get the groove I recommend watching these clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6ZO8VXUFCo 

So from what I feel some key elements are: nature, woods, ritual, satan, harmony.
Hexvessel is not realy about good VS. evil, it is about life and every phase of it.

My first sketch was that of an animal head. 
I chose a hare since I am a bunny lover. The cutest animal of all runs around in my house, a lionhead-rabbit. He could conquer the world with his furry paws if he was not sleeping all day ;)

A lionhead-rabbit was a bit too cute so I chose one of his forefathers: The hare.

The hare will prove to be a challange I think.

The signs making the circle are 'blooming' life runes, just to get the viewers attention.
But it needs more background, so I was thinking about the age-rings of a tree in the background. The tree is 26 years old btw, which is about the same as me in 2 weeks ^^

That would not cover my poster + it needs more atmosphere.
So I went from tree rings to trees.
with eyes ^^)

I drew more eyes, but you get the concept ;)

So eyes, I enjoy eyes, plants, more plants!
For the bottom I chose ivy. Why? I have some common ivy in my living room as I was sketching + I like the symbolic it represents.
It is a widely spread, stubborn wild plant that goes wherever the fuck it wants.
The ivy does not care about your concrete, it only needs some time, sun and water.

So I drew some more ivy, with eyes ^^

I imagine it coming together like this:

I try not to freak on colors at the moment but I'm thinking oker-brown-deepwarm green- black/grey

Now I am an ideas man and I just regurgitated my idea's on this page, I was/am no confident sketcher but during my creative drive I forgot all about that and sketched some descent stuff. So that's nice.

My problem is that after envisioning the actual product I set my bar quite high and am often dissapointed by the shit I see on my screen.
The reason I am telling this story here is to get some feedback or some people who say:"hey, who gives a shit, it's a class, go crazy, suck harder" etc.

Thanks for reading or at least looking at the pictures ;)


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