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AND BEYOND: Continued Adventures In Glitching


LESSON 5: Saddr Weirdr

OriginalSong: Bomb the Music Industry! - Saddr Weirdr: http://www.quoteunquoterecords.com/qur022/012.mp3

As .tiff

(represented here as a low quality .jpg)
Smudged in Gimp:

(again, represented here as a low quality .jpg)

Gimp'dSong: http://vocaroo.com/i/s18HQ9pPSc0O

Some fun parts where the smudging makes it lose pace, but overall I am not thrilled by my results so far.


Original Instagram'd photo in Petaluma, California.

Original Instagram'd photo from flight to California.


Made into a .gif with added frames to change hue and then incrementally added Photoshop's square wave distortion filter to give a melty effect.


Last year, my grandparents renewed their vows before my grandmother passed away. Here is one of just my grandfather.  It was taken before the ceremony in their assisted living facility.

I mashed it with a photo from a trip that I took last summer to visit my brother in California (he recently moved and wasn't around for the vow renewal or the funeral).  I am uncertain of the particular photo that I mashed it with, but I do know that it was one with a lot of trees.  Perhaps one of Muir Woods, or one from Napa Valley.

Made it into a .gif in Photoshop by: adding additional frames, tweaking the hue incrementally in each, and then the contrast in the last one to give it a flash as if the lamp--which is now a mere static ghost in the background--was flickering.


Inspired by Bradley Urso's macroblock index/scale project I decided to experiment and see how that works.

1.) I took 6 macroblocks (16x16) from one of my Lesson 1 images

2.) indexed/scaled each to 512x512

3.) Used Audacity to get two additional images from effects (mainly echo & phaser)

4.) Created animated .gifs in photoshop with additional frames created from layer blends. Result below:


The difference Bradley Urso's process makes:


(direct resizing 16x16 -> 512x512)

(index/scaled following Bradley Urso's methods)


After working for most of the day I decided to relax with another try at Audacity glitching using another personal photo:



I am much more satisfied with these results but I kept going: cropped it further, did the TextEdit techniques for a few iterations, and compiled them into this gif:



I started with a screenshot of my desktop with many browser windows open but the results were dull.  I decided to try some free use flickr photos and settled on this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8577048388/in/pool-freeuse

1.) Here is the result of copy&paste/phaser/echo in Audacity:

I used the same settings as those in the lesson.  I tried equalizing it but the color pallete was already dull and that just made it worse so I stopped here.

Decided to try all the techniques with another Vignette photo of my own:

2.) Here is the result of copy&paste/phaser/echo/equalization in Audacity as an animated .gif:

3.) My favorite of my experiments in Audacity is still the one that I use as my profile picture (used echo and possibly amplification):



Followed the outline of the video but used Photoshop.  Compiled of pictures from the TextEdit side of my project for Lesson 1 (the changes were more incremental than the ones I did with HexFiend).

I also made one yesterday from the results of the Find&Replace from both HexFiend and TextEdit:


I added a couple extra frames and played with layer blend options in Photoshop to transition between the two main images.


I followed the techniques in the video using a photo that I took a few years ago on the US side of Niagara Falls.  At the time I had an Android phone, and thus the photo is heavily filtered with an app called "Vignette."

Regarding the video: I was excited to learn about the find/replace technique & overwrite mode (in the week leading up to this class I have been testing out various glitches, and so I was familiar with some of the stuff).  Here is a mashup photo of the different iterations:


1.) Copy & Paste

2.) Adding Text (Hex: Overwrite)

3.) Find & Replace


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