Heuristic Evaluation of Airyrooms' Web Usability

Hello everyone, today i will try to do heuristic evaluation on AiryRooms’ website. Before that i want to give you an explanation what AiryRooms is.

Product Description

AiryRooms is a Accomodation Network Orchestrator (ANO) product. They affiliate with local hotel or guest house to join their brand so they can get much more recognition and hopefully will please more people to stay within their hotel/house.



So let’s evaluate the website throughfully. This is the AiryRooms’ homepage.


From this way, it’s easy to say if i want to book a room, i have to type which destination that i want to go. Suppose that i want to visit Jayawijaya Mountain in Papua, so i put the keyword “Jayawijaya” on the search field, this is the result


They give a warning that the search returns no result, so i have to change destination. I think Malioboro would be a good place to play on. I would change to Malioboro and hopefully will find some places to stay.


Luckily, there are few result, so i choose Malioboro Street to see which place i can use for sleep few days. So i click the Malioboro Street. Oh the interesting fact, you could see the loading state similiar to which YouTube implement, like this


After waiting for few seconds, the room result is given as follows :


Looks like we don’t have much options, so let’s click to “Airy Malioboro Jogonegaran 10 Yogyakarta”.


The information which they give on the room details is neat and useful. In the bottom you can see that they give important information and a map which give approximate distances for nearby landmarks, restaurant, and other nice places to visit. Beside that, they guarantee some feature such as free WiFi, hot water, free mineral water, etc. Fair enough, i guess i can book the room now by clicking the yellow button showing the price that lead me to this page.


It’s easy to follow, and by following (click) the yellow button i know that i will book the room in no time. The notice that i red-circled gives some ensurement that i am having the best deals on AiryRooms. They claim this as the first step to book the room.

The second step is to fill my identity in there



The information they need to book is quite simple, and they guarantee that the data will be used only for reservation by notes under the confirmation button. They want to confirm your data before you submit, so it gives more precaution that the data given is correct, increasing awareness of the customer.


That’s it, but i guess the site could use the yellow collor to the right button to hold its consistency.

After confirmation you will get the booking code, which can be tracked on separate pages, which presented nicely by AiryRooms.


I also found some mislayout on the promotion page.



So, what could we get from this site, and what to improve? From this site, i get real examples of quite good Product Design. To summarize, this is the point :

  • The website is neat and simple, giving much-needed information for the customers to book rooms, or flight tickets.
  • Only few colours that are used for entire web interfaces, mainly yellow, black, sky blue, and white.
  • Icons used in the website are also helpful, it guides the user enough to choose the right ones.

But i think some improvement can be made for the website, especially on “room-booking” flow, which is :

  • Fix the right confirmation button colour to yellow, to keep its consistencies with previous button.
  • I think the promotion voucher that’s having notification can be used when the user want to book even as a guest.

That’s it for the Heuristic Evaluation for AiryRooms’ website. I hope it will be sufficient for the project. I’m sorry if i not covering some topic or things that matters in this evaluation.