Het Bedaf, the Netherlands

Well, since I live about three hours away, I'm counting a trip back home as 'travel' photography. My dog and I went to visit my parents, and we went to the woods nearby. I love this photograph of my dad and my dog. I love the autumn vibe, and the way my dad's coat pops. I used the rule of thirds (for my dad). I love the slight leading line of the path they're on. 
What could improve is my exposure (the sky and the sand are all blown out), and my dog's legs and dad's feet are slightly obscured by shrubbery, which looks kind of weird.221d445d

I also took this picture of the dog that I like, I like the way he is framed by the trees. (But again, exposure. And you can't see his eyes, but it's not like I can ask him to keep his fur out of his eyes. ;D)



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