He's just resting

He's just resting - student project

He's just resting - image 1 - student projectHello everyone

My name is Radka and I'm not an artist. I have a very on-and-off relationship with art and I have not been creating much for a very long time. But I got to a point where I would like to really get back to it and improve my skills.

I loved this course and thoroughly enjoyed the exercises. Funnily enough, rather than focusing on finding my own style, it helped me to explore some other styles which I've never really done before. But it got me thinking about my own work as well.

I've been doing some photography. I am comfortable with a pencil but I love watercolours and that is what I would like to focus on more right now. In my work, I like using clear, somewhat bright colours. I also like to combine media and making collages but that would not be a strict rule. And I like incorporating little notes in my drawings. I love nature and I really enjoy painting it. I love cartoons and animations, especially these little Czech good-night stories, which were an inseparable part of my childhood, and I love humor in art.

I will try and link my Master Board here for you to see what's dear to me.

I have done quite a few exercises, however, I'm only going to share one. The topic was: Copy yourself and Outside interest.

For the copy-yourself part, I took inspiration from one of Alfons Mucha's painting. I love Art Nouveau. And even though I have been often thinking that I would love to have the skills to be able to create something like that, I've never actually tried it until now. So that was a new experience. I'm not usually patient enough to work on too many details in my work, so this was a bit of sacrifice too...

For the outside-interest part, I took inspiration from punk. Even though I myself have never been punk, quite a few of my friends used to be in their early days, so punk has always been part of my life in one way or another.

I don't know if I've done a really good job at combining those two but I definitely enjoyed working on this little project and absolutely love the outcome.

Hope you will too! =)


PS: I'm not quite sure about the quote. I wrote it down somewhere and when I needed it, I could not find it, of course, so just hope it's okay.