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Kelly H.

Budding Illustrator + Designer



Herringbone Lite

I've always wanted to make my own font and have had little luck in the past with font creation software, etc. This class was AWESOME and I can't wait to make more fonts soon!

My last name is Herring, so I named my font 'Herringbone'. The 'Lite' part is because of how thin the letters are. I also sketched some darker letters, which I plan to vectorize soon :)

You might notice that the 'A' and 'U' look more lowercase than uppercase, but I just wanted to throw in something quirky, and make it stand out!

Here's my 'lite' sketch:


And here it is in Glyphs!


I found that most my time was actually spent on kerning; I totally underestimated how many combinations of letters there are!!

And here is the finished product :)



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