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I finised the test with the heron and the frog. Maybe I will ad some sound effects later. I'ts been fun!


Part two of the animation: the Frog. tried to make him jump with squash & stretch. maybe I will make him fatter.


Here is the test with knees bending backward. Still limping a bit. Feet are a bit better. and it's still a happy bird:-)



Here is the first walk cycle test for the heron with gg puppet tools. I'm not realy happy with the distortion of the feet (used a lot of stach but still). I think I will try a test with Duik too. 


Here is the (first) illustrator drawing of the heron. I gave him an extra wing in case he gets tired of all the walk-cycles.

I think it will be fun to try to animate these two characters I drew last night. First into illustrator.


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