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Heroic Words of Wisdom

I like Adam Thompson's art Heroic Words of Wisdom. I'm curious what other color schemes might work for the Superman poster.

I started off by picking the colors from the classic Superman shield:

Scheme #1 was a tetrad rooted on the shield's red (#fd0000):

For #2, I did another tetrad starting with the shield's yellow (#FDFD00):

Interesting, but to be honest it feels more Aquaman than Superman.

#3 I used blue (#08499C):

I liked it, but the contrast between the dark blue sky and the blue text isn't great. That's because I asked for 4 colors, but only used a Triad color scheme, so Color Scheme Designer just gave me another shade of my root color.

#4 I went back to Red as the root, but tried a triad at 60 degrees. Not a fan: 

 I tried swapping the reds, but that was even worse. Perhaps a darker shade of orange would have worked better?

For #5, I wanted to try a monochromatic version, and it took a lot of tweaking. Here's what I came up with after tweaking the scheme by hand (the light and darks needed to be higher contrast):

Last, I did a triad rooted at red, with 60 degree angles. And much to my surprise, I basically got the Superman shield! 

Using that scheme, I made two different variations. Which one do you like better, and why?



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