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Hero of the day

The story behind this project is idea of making people feel better and motivating them to do more good small things every day.

How most of us live nowadays is that the “most” important and thought of relationship we have in our lives are the one with our job and our banker. I grow no illusion that this will change in the near future, or that this is in absolute terms a bad thing, if we pay attention to other things in life besides making money to pay the bills.

From my own experience even if we are doing well we want to do better. This competition either with us or others takes no hostages. We often get caught in the weal that keeps on spinning and we sacrifice ourselves and other on the way to bigger and better future.

Unless we are totally selfish after some time we begin to wander about all the things we left behind and this leads to a lot of regret and bitter taste in our mouth, and finally to the fact that we cannot change the past.

Project has to objectives:

  1. To appreciate small things that we do every day and to make us feel good about ourselves without being constantly under pressure of bigger, better and shinier things to own
  2. To remind us that we have people around us that need our attention, time and appreciation

We rarely think about our (mental and emotional) health until we are on our way to start consuming prescription medicines. Could that be prevented with someone telling you thank you, and how great person you are and making you take notice of the small wins? I believe so. People that feel good about them self’s are more inclined to help other people. We can help others by telling them nice things about themselves or spending quality time with them.

If you decide to publicize your good deeds you will be categorized on the scale together with your pears.

There will be a drop down list of good deeds from which you can choose.

There will be a possibility to donate to charity or choose some of the voluntary activities nearby.

Monetizing:  Pharmaceutical companies, Financial institutions, Tobacco companies, Liquor companies, Oil and gas.

They all have a lot to give back to community so they are the ones that will be prompted to advertize I the app as companies supporting this well being initiative. They will have the opportunity to give presents to “hero of the day” and to have social networks attention.

And at the end, why hero of the day title: we all are heroes on the daily basis. We just don’t notice that. What all we have to take into account living in todays world: weather, compound interest rates, traffic jams, better deals, advertizing, dishonest propositions, healthy food, environment, impossible targets, kpi s, children, education system, technological changes, auras, financial crisis, sports, good looking, pets, fashion, cars, politics, third world hunger, food intolerance, ecology, parents…. If we by some chance no nothing on some of the above topics we are dead. The intention is to remind people that they are already heroes for themselves and their families and in case they choose so they can easily do more also for others.


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