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Hero Pic

Cloud Home is an Idea I had for a while.

The objective if this project is to set up a remote way to organize all my links and information for my job, and have it work anywhere I am, and and on any device. I will start with pictures, doing a pintrest style thing (good for diagrams and links to various cheat sheets), but ultimately I would like the ability to set up a custom home page that handles all my needs. Basically the ability to set up links in the app it self, similar to an "igoogle" style (which is soon to be no longer useable), but have it with a cleaner more web 2.0 freindly feel, and be able to dynamically add and subtract content. 

Basically looking to create my own desk top that works anywhere, and represent information graphically, as opposed to having boring lists of folders in my bookmarks bar. 

---- April 14th

I was not able to do even close to what I wanted. I think this class was a good overview, but there is enormous holes on how to link things together, and the syntax is really compact, but also kind of arbitrary. I learned quite a bit, but before I can tackle a project of the complexity that I wanted i'll need more expeirance.

This is the completed project I am submitting. It is now named Hero-Pic and it is basically the stripped down version of pintrest we made. I did play with the formating, and add some minor tweaks to it as a test of my knowledge, and this app is solid, so i will be tweaking it more in the future. I'll be starting Mr. Hartl'es guide next week end, which seems to be a bit more in depth. I think this class was alot of learning through imitation, and now the objective is to learn through understanding.

Still a great class, we covered alot in a short time, and I know what is possible now, so that makes it much less daunting to at least plan out the logic of an application, though I will need more training to actually make one on my own, begining to end. 


Project Link : http://safe-taiga-7479.herokuapp.com/

GitHub Link : https://github.com/holywar20/omrails


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