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Xavi Fajardo




Hermosillo - The Sun City

I moved to the Mexico's northwest city of Hermosillo last year where the average temperature is 37°C, thus aptly named Sun City. You won't find tal buildings but you will find a lot of desert. This is the city I live in now, this is the story of what I see here.


Small roads. This is one of the entrances to the city. I took this photo on an early morning, I was really drawn by the horizon. Also, there is this carelessnes about the way these roads are built that add the interesting touch.


Downtown Hermosillo has a few buildings with an art noveau asthetics which I find very interesting with the colors one can find here. 


This picture was taken from the entrance to the city.


We have abundant light and bright skies, and the golden hour is quite a spectacle.


What I like about this place is that there are random abandoned places where you least expect them ande they are full of folklore.

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