Here's to healthy gains!

I'm a 24-year-old Asian woman. This implies that I am small; however, unlike other people, I do not like to eat. There are foods I do enjoy, but I fail at daily caloric maintenance. My stomach roils in hunger and pain, I get light-headed and sometimes develop a fever, and there's a disconnect between my brain and my mouth that turns me off to putting food in my body. The appetite is there, but the fulfillment of that basic need is not.

I suppose it's a form of anorexia, but I don't have psychological hangups about my weight or body image - I have a healthy BMI, but I accidentally dipped down into a 2-digit weight over the holidays and that worried me. I have heard advice to just keep eating so you basically feel sick all the time; I don't know how wise that is, but it's not appealing to me. I'm a grad student so of course I will fit right in looking like a bum.

My goals for 2013 that I posted on Fitocracy (which I joined last year and now I'm at level 10) are:

Gain 15lbs
Learn to lift
Strength at the gym 2x a week

They say lifting helps boost your appetite, but I don't need that...

Here's to bulking in the new year! Any tips for a beginner are welcome (especially any targeted to females. I don't mean to pull a "girl" card, but let's face it, there are distinct differences between men's and women's bodies)

Wed, 1/24 - Lower Body Blast (dumbbell squats, lunges, resistance bands) - hurts to use stairs, but otherwise fine

Mon, 1/28 - Washboard Abs was full so I did arms on my own with 20lb barbells.


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