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Jackie Fitzgerald

Communication Specialist



Here's a teaser... now click for more!

I originally found Mari through a friend's suggestion and quickly signed-up for her email subscription. The best part of her weekly campaigns is the fact that you get a taste of the marketing tools for free! They have worksheets and mini classes that give you a chance to see what type of product they offer.


After sitting in on a web-class, I was dying for more information. This particular email had information on a Social Media Marketing Society. The idea of having exclusive insight and discount access to the latest and greatest intel had me clicking though on that call to action.


Another aspect that I really enjoy is a personal note from Mari to close out the email. She makes it sound like she's just updating a freind on what she has going on in her life. Plus they input my name on the greeting. The personal touch sucks me in and makes me feel like we have a solid exchange of ideas!



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