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Heredia Family Crest

So! This is my first real project with Illustrator!! Up to now it's been creating odd shapes and lines while resisting the (strong) urge to throw my moniter on the floor and smash it with my guitar. :-D But Aaron kept telling me how "easy" it is, "it's just simple shapes" so I thought I'd give it a go!

My family name is Heredia, which has a Gypsy/Roma heritage in Spain (because of this I made the main shape of the crest the shape of the back of a caravan). However, my family haven't lived like traditional gypsies, except for the fact that we have moved and travelled around A LOT. The extended family isn't that big (which isn't traditional) and since we moved a lot my immediate family is rather independant to them. Since the four of us are very close I decided to make this about our history. 

My Dad was born in Barcelona (thus the statue of Columbus), travelled to Colombia with his parents and sister when he was a kid (on a boat). Lived and travelled all over Colombia. When he turned 20 he travelled through Europe then went to Canada. In Ontario he met my mom who was from Nova Scotia (thus the lobster). During my existence I lived in four different provinces, travelled to 11 countries, including 10 provinces and more than 10 states (thus the airplane). Last year my parents and I moved to Costa Rica. 

Our faith has always been a huge part of our lives and has a lot to do with why we moved to CR and what we do here (the book/Bible in the bottom right corner). 

The colours are representative of many things: 

Blue - Nova Scotia (a.k.a "Bluenosers"), ocean, trust/faith

Red - Spain, passion, love

The red, white and blue are also the colours that represent Costa Rica. 

Since this is my first real project on AI (which, I'm actually kind of proud of), I will admit: the lobster ain't mine... I was thrilled to find a FREE vector download and he was very happy to be placed in his sea of blue. This probably disqualifies me immediately! "OFF with her head!" loll

Anyway, The ship and airplane are combination of PS and AI (I'm orignally a PS girl/photographer) and the book and Columbus are all my very own making from circles and squares in AI ("just a bunch of simple shapes!). 

This was the inspiration for the statue of Columbus... hopefully it makes what I did make a little more sense! loll 

Thanks so much for this tutorial, the contest and the encouragement, Mr. A. Draplin!



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