Here is Mine

Here is Mine - student project

I'm going to run with Street Racer.  I like the idea behind, even though I didn't share it in my pitch as well as I would have liked.   I wrote a version of this story back in high school and it's time to give the story a grown up shot.

Street Racer
It’s 1959, inside a deuce coupe street racing, inside a deuce coupe upside down at 100 mph, inside a deuce coupe upside down on fire resting on Highway 89. 

It’s the summer of 1991 and Johnny is ready.  He has accepted a race few have, a race that has been won by the same car for years.  The old guard street racers have helped him prepare his car against their best judgment.  It’s ready, his Plymouth is the fastest it’s ever been.  It’s not 1959, but hopefully the Plymouth is fast enough.   All that’s left is to head out to Highway 89, and find the deuce coupe.  Johnny can’t afford to lose, and neither can those around him.