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Here be dragons

Lets try some different tools!

Trello: This is for team management, but it seems applicable for individual work too. It seems to be the best option as a organizer and a reference container. Not hindered by premium locked content. Example usage on youtube. I recommend this tool :)

Using Trello:

  • Trello's system revolves around the organization of cards. Cards are grouped into Lists, and Lists are displayed on Boards.

  • Cards can contain notes, checklists, due dates, file attachments, etc. So they can either be used to record actionable items, or reference datums.

    This flexibility might lead to a mixing of actions and references. I seperate them using lists, but in general, I like being able to see a list of actionable items next to a list of the relevant resources.

  • Trello has 6 colors that you can label/filter your cards with. This is a possible limitation for your own tagging system.

    Currently I'm using (Simple/Complex, Under 30mins/Over 30mins, High Priority/Low Priority). I don't require context tags as my boards are grouped along contextually similar items. I'm still experimenting with this.

Other Applications I've tried:

iDoneThis: It's free. The premise is simple, you receive an email, asking "What'd you get done today?" You reply with your answer. Your answers are collected on a calendar on the iDonethis website; every day you submitted something, you get a tick on that date. The motivation it provides is psychological: seeing the calendar fill up with ticks is satisfying - and the emails will encourage you to keep up your streak. I recommend this :)

Todoist: I'm liking the Chrome App. It seems this is hamstringed by the premium locked content. Otherwise, minimalist design.

Evernote (PC): After 5 minutes, logged out, uninstalled, and deactivated account. Bad use of screen real estate, dark patterns ('Want to close this ad? That'll be money please').

Google Keep: Utterly minimalist, maybe too simplistic. But I like it. But in terms of organizing notes into meaningful projects, and then into areas of responsibility, it falls flat.


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