Laura Posset




Here I go again - My first Diary Comic

Thank you so much for this class, Ira! I have wanted to try and do a comic for a really long time, because I read graphic novels constantly. But I guess I always get intimidated, because there is so much planning and consideration that goes into it. Telling a simple personal story in 4 panels however seemed pretty attainable and I decided to give it a shot.

Sketches and planning:



First attempt at inking:


It looks kind of sloppy and I am not entirely happy about the outcome. There were some issues with the paper, which reacted weirdly when I applied a light ink wash. The linework isn't great either, I think I should have gone with a smaller ink pen (I used a dip pen for this). And maybe I should have paid more attention to textures and the background? I'm also not sure, if my character is portrayed consistently enough.

So I'm definitely going to redo this comic strip. But some feedback would be super helpful at this point. I cut down the text quite a lot from my original idea, but is the storyline still clear enough? What do you thin of the overall flow? Should it be a little more dynamic, perhaps? What do you think?


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