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Here Fishy Fishy Fishiee!

I love this class! I began by printing the items out and pulling my subject out of the proverbial hat hoping it would be the 'Monsters' because I thought that the possibilities for a monster are endless right?! Instead... I got - Fish. -_- The creative gods did want to test me this time obviously. Not only am I a vegetarian, who doesn't eat fish or seafood, I cannot stand the smell of them either! 

I started doodling as I was still listening to Faye's super motivational video and I got up to #13 and I decided to stop at a high. I have a feeling at this stage that 100 is not going to be hard. What is hard is going to have to make myself accountable and post my progressin this project (which I"ve always had a hard time with).

Another thing I am not great with are deadlines because I use them as a means of procrastination telling myself I have plenty of time ahead and I will cram up just before the deadline. Which I hit, but it becomes a stressful time for me. The thing is I secretly love the high of hitting a nearly impossible deadline at that stage.

Anywho.. without further depricating myself, here're are my first set of doodles. Praying for Persius(greek god of the sea ...I think) to help me stay strong in this project!

Also I must mention, at this stage, I haven't googled any reference material and these sketches are so far soleley from memory (hence the funny looking shark and so on).

My fishy mind map without yet having reasearched seems beefy enough for me to be able to stick to just drawings and illustrations at this stage. I am curious to see exacctly at what # I feel the 'dip'!


13 done... 87 to go.


Day 2 - Patriotic Fish

This little guy is a Discuss Fish painted to resemble both the map of Australia an and have the flag as its pattern. (he helped pose in my poster for Australia Day on the 26th of Jan. posters coming soon)


Day 3: Its dissapointing to see that I haven't gotten more illustrations than I thought I would.

4 more ilustrations. They're all locals and found in the great barrier reef!


Day 4: A couple more fish(es?) from the great barrier reef:

A trout


 (formatted for twitter posts size which apparently better for posting here than the IG square)

Clown Triggerfish - there are many colorful varieties of this guy... but I picked the one with the most contrast.



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