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Herbs Speed Shop - The start of a passion project

What you see here is the start of a passion project. I have a thing for old motorcycles. Mainly Nortons, BSA, older BMWs and Triumph. Herbs focuses in restoration for those who still facny making the ton, or going over 100 mph on the motor cycle. There's a bit of Cafe Racer insperation, yet Herbs focuses on the state of what these classic motorcycles looked like years ago. 

I would like this logotype to reflect the craft that was put into these old motorcycle. 

Im really digging the use or script type for Herbs followed up with Speed Shop in a perhaps a nice Trade Gothic or Gotham. 

There are a few sketches that have potential.

How do you feel about the swooping R on the last page? Lastly I really dig whats happening on pages two and three. 

Let me know what you think. I look forward to your feedback. Thanks guys.







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