Herbal Tea Mug Lid in Ceramic

Herbal Tea Mug Lid in Ceramic - student project

I started out my sketches as a bit more complex than what I have here. After playing with 123D Design, I simplified my idea a lot! Originally, I wanted to have a building or an abstract plant shape as a holder

Herbal Tea Mug Lid in Ceramic - image 1 - student project

and a shallow bowl for the tea bag that would recess into the 'foot' of the lid. I ran into problems because of size constraints. I needed a well deep enough to hold a tea bag and space on the side for the 'handle'. I still have no idea how this will function if it does get printed into ceramic. It's been interesting. I would call this a functional and minimal shape. It doesn't have any animated personality that I usually like to incorporate into my designs.

Susan Stack
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