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Sarah Kuehnle

Designer, Developer, Illustrator





I was looking up my family's coat of arms the other day and realized there's this incredible world of heraldry that I know very little about. I've been blown away by the imagery I've been discovering and decided to make these images that focus of my project for this class. 

My first sketch asset is of a sea-caribou from the coat of arms from St. Johns, Canada. 

The mighty sea-caribou.

As I started manipulating this image, I found it to be a bit too detailed in some places and too simple in others and not really forming anything particularly eye-catching. 

So I started pulling the image apart and found some great shapes to play with. 


The first piece I've been really happy with is below. It uses HGridLayout to place the fish-end of the sea caribou into a grid and colors each of it's spots and scales individually.

The sea caribou...at sea.


I experimented with using HImage to do some bitmap masking, but quickly abandoned it due to the allure of having editable PDF outputs. Oh, well. 

Nevertheless, I've been having so much fun with the assets I've created. Check out the progress and let me know what you think!

Leaf swarm

Leaf Swarm.

Reading Rounder

Reading Rounder.




Twisted. (My favorite so far)

With the flow.

With the Flow.





Good Reads.

Good Reads.

We Need More Badges


One of these probably works.

It's one of these keys. I'm sure of it. 

Next Steps

That's it so far. I have alot more I want to experiment with in composing my images and using layers of art. 

Please let me know what you think and where you think I should take any of these! 


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