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Henry Chase

Step 1:    Text chosen:   Chase Henry

Chase Henry

In life I was the town drunkard;
When I died the priest denied me burial
In holy ground.
The which redounded to my good fortune.
For the Protestants bought this lot,
And buried my body here,
Close to the grave of the banker Nicholas,
And of his wife Priscilla.
Take note, ye prudent and pious souls,
Of the cross—currents in life
Which bring honor to the dead, who lived in shame

I chose Chase Henry just because I felt  I understood the loneliness of this man. I really wanted to bring it to life and leave a hopeful end. There are too many unsung heroes out there. People react in different ways when horrible things happen in their lives. No one should be judged for how people react or by what station they hold in life. 

Logline:   A grief stricken old man dies without a place to rest until Pastor Tom hears about it and reveals a secret.  

"Henry Chase"

6th draft 


Thanks so much for reading my story! 

Character Photos

Bar friends


Henry and wife

Bar Henry likes to frequent


Catholic church St Matthews

Living Water church



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