Henri Matisse vintage poster | Skillshare Projects

Kylee Jones

Graphic designer



Henri Matisse vintage poster

Update 2 November 2014

Created the typography by drawing with the pen tool and using the shape builder tool and path finder to put it all together.

Update 1 November 2014

Have blocked out the basic shapes in the composition and applyed the colours. For the fountain I was able to achieve symmetry by drawing one side reflecting it and joining the paths. My next challenge will be adding the finer details, the texture and the typography.

I have chose this beautful vintage print by Henri Matisse. I like the contrast between the muted and bright tones and the composition. I have some experience in illustrator already, but thought this would be a good class to do, to brush up on some new tricks and techniques in Illustrator. The image has a range of shapes, texture, transparency and typography which will provide a challenge. I am looking forward to beginning this class which is my first skillshare class!


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