Hendrix Matches

Hendrix Matches - student project

I am developing a label for Hendrix Matches, a fictitious matchbox brand I created. Using Jimi Hendrix as reference, I am trying to link these matches with the guitar he burned on stage, like if they were the matches he used that day and somebody made a brand of it.

Hendrix Matches - image 1 - student project

And as result:

Hendrix Matches - image 2 - student project

I like vintage labels and handwriting and I'll try to follow these references to create something that can fit in this first project, but can also be used as a t-shirt design, applied in a cool composition later. 

Below are some vintage matchbox labes from different countries. I specially like the few colors they use. It's a cool way to resume and be objective with the design.

Hendrix Matches - image 3 - student project

Some vintage sign paintings are reference too. Boat and building signs are very cool, because of all that rusty and old look. Old wood surfaces do their job during the years, printing the time on them.

Hendrix Matches - image 4 - student project

UPDATE // may 21

Few roughs I did, trying to reach the style I want.
Guide lines: Psicodelic / Vintage / music / guitar / fire / typography. trying to find links with Hendrix signature too. Need geometric shapes.

Hendrix Matches - image 5 - student project