Hen with Layered Textures

Hen with Layered Textures - student project

This was a great course! I have previously used Illustrator/Photoshop for digital illustration but it's been a long time, and I mostly used a mouse at the time. Additionally I do not have an iPad or Procreate; instead I'm using Autodesk SketchBook on a Windows tablet with a stylus. So I was hopeful that I would get some benefit from the course while assuming I wouldn't be able to do everything. I was wrong!

I was able to find similar tools to almost everything used in the class, and while there are not as many options as Procreate I think I was able to approximate everything decently. The main thing was being able to use layers and adjust the blending options, which was no problem. I didn't spend a lot of time making the initial illustration, but I created about 5 digital textures and have at least one texture on each part of my little chicken here.

Also now that it's done, I definitely prefer the version without the frame (it's supposed to be the outside of the nest box... but just looks like a bad frame). Loved doing this, thank you!


Hen with Layered Textures - image 1 - student project 



Hen with Layered Textures - image 2 - student project