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Green Buffalo Estates



Hemp Farming Institute & Franshisee Training Center

 "The Snohomish Hemp Institute is a training and development farm designed to co-create career opportunities through an entrepreneurially oriented farming-franchisee program."


The Snohomish Hemp Institute is a farm that offers paid summer externships, trains the disenfranchised, provides educational tours, and co-creates serious educational opportunities for the aspiring small business farming professional.

The Snohomish Hemp Institute is also a tourist destination with an eighteen-unit glamping site, a recording studio, a charity event center, as well as the Institute's hospitality-tourism center.  The main purpose of the institute is to help people embrace the medicinal affects of digesting the hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, in combination with a raw-vegan diet.

The organically grown Green Buffalo Estates ‘Hemp Brand’ initially consists of three main product categories: organically grown CBD dietary supplement oils, the hemp-seed oil/flour, and retail-merchandising.

The Green Buffalo Estates Brand will be doing business as the Snohomish Hemp Institute (which is a Washington State 'Social Purpose' Enterprise), and will be working in partnership with industry-specific trusts, franchisees, as well as the LUVRules 501c3 foundation.

The Snohomish Hemp Institue intends on organically growing hemp during the summer months (for the purpose of rejuvenating the top-soil), and to organically grow nutrient and mineral rich vegetables during the non-summer months.

Lunai's Casual Upscale Restaurant serves organic and pasture raised foods, as well as fresh wild line-caught fish (with a focus on vegan and vegetarian cuisine).  And Jax’s Hoagie Shack & Juicery will provide upscale hot subs, as well as raw vegan-fruit smoothies. 

Please goto Lunais.com for more information on our Downtown Seattle Restaurant.

And Please checkout my Hemp Institute Skilshare Class!


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