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Jake Caggige

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Hemetic Trading Co.

The Hemetic Trading Co. is currently running a  Kickstarter campaign centered around our first backpack design. The goal of this particular project is to combine a simple aesthetic, with the battery power to charge and transport today's mobile devices. We are also approaching the development of our brand with an eye towards classic American brands such as L.L. Bean, Jansport, or Filson. As a result, we have sought out high quality American "ingredients" and manufacturers. To top it all off, the Hemetic Trading Co. backpack will come with a 10-Year textile warranty, guaranteeing that you will own our backpack for at least ten years. We hope that this initial project will interest enough of an audience to allow us to develop a new range of textiles invigorated with electronic capabilities, and help us define a new era in American Textile Manufacturing.

After our last positive experience with Jon Contino's Skillshare Class, the Hemetic Trading Company has been encouraged to show a level of transparancy regarding the creation of our brand and product that is not typically seen. Based off our previous experience, we've realized the value of helping our audience understand our goals and motivations on a deeper level than what can be gathered from a final, polished brand. Through Skillshare, we are excited to be able to pick up as many points of view as possible regarding the creation of our brand. Additionally, we are eager to benefit from the wealth of knowledge Jeff shares through the class.


Our name, Hemetic, is derived from the word "Hermetic." In dictionary terms, the word means an airtight seal. In our terms, it means "impervious to external influence." As a brand, we hope to embody a lifestyle of individualism. We hope to inspire our customers to pursue their own adventures, and lead a life that's truly unique to themselves. We're part of a generation that's becoming skeptical of the traditional 9-5 work week. We're tired of being held back by the labels and products that are placed on us. 

This is where the our idea of "Impervious to External Influence" comes from. We aren't advocating that our customers avoid influence altogether. Rather, we're promoting the idea of internal influence. That is, we want our audience to filter the influences around them through their own personality, and broadcast a totally unique combination of influences. One that is so eclectic, that it becomes who that person is.

As a brand, Hemetic is also impervious to external influences. In this day and age, the most common route to becoming any kind of textile brand, is through submitting designs away for manufacturing. Whether this means an Illustrator file to a screen printer, or garment mockups to a factory in China, very few youthful companies are taking textiles into their own hands, literally. At Hemetic, we plan to avoid the common routine by designing and prototyping our products in-house, with our own sewing machines and materials. Take our backpack for instance. After several rounds of development and testing, we worked with American manufacturers and suppliers to create a perfect blueprint that can be converted into a final product.

Upon a successful Kickstarter campaign, we intend to once again, go against the grain and manufacture our backpack right here in America. Sure it won't be as cheap, but our experiences have taught us that actions often speak louder than dollars. Plus, manufacturing here in America will allow us to hold true to our 10-Year Textile Warranty. Between our in-house sewing capabilities and our manufacturer's quality guarantee, we can help raise expectations again, back to what an American made product should mean.

The final aspect of the Hemetic Trading Co. philosophy, is that electronics should be used to enhance life everywhere, not just indoors. As a result, we're including battery power with our backpacks, so you can keep your mobile devices charged wherever you are. Rather than being tied down to an electric outlet inside somewhere, our product gives you the freedom of charging any USB device, no matter where you are. This last aspect of our business is where we expect to see the most development. American brands have always been on the cutting edge, and we intend to help American Textiles return to prominence through the use of electronic integration.

  • 10 year Textile Warranty
  • Designed & Developed in Burlington, Vermont.
  • Made in USA

Designed & Developed at our in-house facility in Burlington, Vermont.


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