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Helvetica experiment

As the tutorial directed, I first wrote the content on my visiting card and structured it according to the different shapes the texts took. 

In the above business card sample I aligned all the text to the center grid line to almost look like a flag pole. However, this created too much blank space around the text. I also did not like the way all the type was formatted.

After restructuring the type and changing all the font to Helvetica Neue, I felt that there was a flow and symmetry in the overall design. At the same time, my name highlighted was not well enough. So I changed my name to a medium and this is how it turned out.

Now, that all the type was sorted, there was that one blank space staring me in the eye. So I thought of putting in a symbol which could work as my own personal brand logo. 

Overall this tutorial helped me a lot to learn type structuring, I especially loved the minor details on resizing type and small caps. Thanks a lot!

(Design process)


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